“Construction is for making things hold together. Architecture is for stirring emotion.”
Le Corbusier

In his Manifesto de la Arquitectura Emocional (1953), Mathias Goeritz wrote: “I have worked with total freedom to make work whose function is to produce emotion. The aim is to restore architecture’s status as art.”

Today, when western society is acutely concerned with the questions of individual existence, the emotions are once again at the forefront of our concerns. Social progress also implies that emotions, which have so long been ignored when major decisions were made, be taken fully into account in the construction of our urban world.

This is why we have created the Swiss Association for Emotional Architecture and why are we organising the first international symposium on emotional architecture, an academic symposium bringing together leading European specialists and researchers both in the emotion sciences and in architecture.

The primary aim of this symposium is to explore and enrich the connections between architects, builders and inhabitants – between buildings and their users, by improving knowledge of the emotional impact of space, of its organisation and configuration. Therefore, it aims to promote the quality of spatial experience enjoyed by city dwellers, as well as the social links created by urban spaces.

The speakers will be academic specialists from the fields of the emotion sciences and architecture. These practising professionals and researchers will talk about their areas of knowledge, while “mediators” representing the disciplines of sociology, philosophy, anthropology and politics will broaden the debate.
The symposium is open in particular to architects, builders, specialists in emotion sciences (psychology, literature, neurosciences) interested in aesthetics and space, as well as students (undergraduate and postgraduate) for whom interdisciplinarity represents the future, but also to anyone with an interest in the theme.

This is a comprehensive project comprising:

– an international symposium in Geneva in January 2011
– a preparatory publication, to be published in December 2010
– a publication of the proceedings, to be published in December 2011
– one or several related exhibitions of art and architecture.

Partner institutions:
– Emotion Science Research Unit – University of Geneva (CISA)
– “La Cambre” – Horta Architecture Faculty, Brussels

The first International Symposium on Emotional Architecture gratefully acknowledges the support of the Councillor of State of the Republic and of the Canton of Geneva, M. Mark Muller, head of the Department of Construction and Information Technology.

The Scientific Committee

Colloque organisé avec le soutien du Conseiller d’Etat de la République et du canton de Genève, M. Mark Muller, chef du Département des constructions et des technologies de l’information.

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